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Modulation Sciences CP803 Composite Processor - Rebuilt

  • Modulation Sciences CP803 Composite Processor - Rebuilt Front
  • Modulation Sciences CP803 Composite Processor - Rebuilt Rear
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Modulation Sciences CP803 Composite Processor - Rebuilt
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Product Description

The CP-803 has become the industry standard baseband processor. It is an economical processor that gives stations a brighter, louder and more open sound. The CP-803 operates completely differently from conventional processors in several important ways and also avoids the distortion produced by baseband clippers.

The CP-803 eliminates overshoots which exist in all stereo generators and audio limiters. Preventing overshoots increases modulation while preserving the integrity of the signal. It also controls high-frequency peaks present in program material that can cause over-modulation and thus makes greater average modulation possible.

The CP-803's patented design deals with the composite signal that comes from the stereo generator--the baseband signal. This includes the L+R, L-R and 19 kHz stereo pilot. By working with this composite signal instead of the left and right audio other processors deal with, the CP-803 avoids many processing pitfalls.

Thirdly, unlike a distortion-generating baseband clipper, the CP-803 does not clip the 19 kHz pilot and will not create the "spectral garbage" or the dynamic loss of stereo separation that baseband clippers generate. Because the CP-803 doesn't clip the pilot, stations can increase signal clipping for extra loudness in competitive markets without distorting their sound. Many stations--even those using stereo generators with baseband clippers built-in have added the CP-803 to their processing chain and increased clarity, maintained stereo separation and maintained the loudness desired.

The CP-803 is easy to set up, install, and operate. Its reliability and economy have made it a necessity in the audio chain of FM stations in all size markets with all types of formats, worldwide.

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