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Aphex Compellor 323A Aural Exciter (Refurbished)

  • Aphex Compellor 323A Aural Exciter (Refurbished) Front
  • Aphex Compellor 323A Aural Exciter (Refurbished) Serial Tag
  • Aphex Compellor 323A Aural Exciter (Refurbished) Rear
$32.00 (Fixed shipping cost)
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Product Description


This unit has been fully rebuilt with all new capacitors. Unit is tested and meets factory specifications. 


The Aphex Model 323A represents A iteration of the popular Compellor / Aural Exciter, a single Channel dynamics processor and program enhancer. The model 323 A permits absolute control over program dynamics, a benefit made possible by the patented Compellor processor. The Aural Exciter section enhances and restores program material, resulting in increased audio presence, intelligibility, and articulation.

A significant improvement in this version of the Compellor / Aural Exciter over its predecessor is the addition of a newly developed (patents pending) Frequency Discriminate Leveler (FDL) circuit. Exhaustive research by Aphex engineers led to the discovery that, under conditions of program leveling, the human ear perceives the onset of low frequency (bass and percussion) transients differently than transients at higher frequencies. This perception, as it turns out, is a direct function of the relative attack time of the leveler. Without FDL, there is a significantly greater chance that low frequency transients can create an audible "bass pull back" effect. In addition to potential loss of bass and/or low end "punch", mid and high frequency processing can be negatively impacted. To the listener, the effect can at times be heard as a perceived loss of bass or even a pumping effect at the mid and treble frequency ranges.

FDL eliminates this problem causing low frequency transients to generate a slower attack time on the initial transient. High frequency leveling is still controlled within the attack time determined by the onboard computer. From the listener's standpoint, the benefits are:

No more bass pullback effect

Fast leveling can be used in more applications

More bass punch for better music mixes

Reduced audio distortion in the leveling mode

Warranty Information

Reconditioned products from Lightner Electronics come with a 90 Day Service Warranty unless otherwise stated.
NOTE: Clients must properly pack and return the product for repair freight prepaid with a "Return Authorization Number
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